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By designing for scale from the beginning, your initiative can be expanded more easily to new users, markets, regions or countries if the initiative meets user needs and has local impact.

The following recommendations, tips and resources are drawn from the digital development community to give you options for applying this Principle during each phase of the project or software lifecycle.

Paulo Pereira introduces some of the basic concepts of method validation that apply when a qualitative method is being evaluated.

Achieving scale is a goal that has been elusive for many digital development practitioners.

The m Health field, for example, has identified the problem of pilotitis, or the inability to move initiatives beyond pilot stage.

Designing for scale means thinking beyond the pilot and making choices that will enable widespread adoption later, as well as determining what will be affordable and usable by a whole country or region, rather than by a few pilot communities.

You may need to evaluate the trade-offs among processes that would lead to rapid start-up and implementation of a short-term pilot versus those pilots that require more time and planning but lay the foundation for scaling by reducing future work and investment.

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This could include starting to seek out additional funding resources or establishing new partnerships.

Monitor the impact of your initiative as you consider whether to scale.

To ensure the success and sustainability of your initiative or program, weigh all potential considerations in selecting software, calculating and planning for technology costs beyond the initial deployment.

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