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Without looking at the cluster logs or any other form of error reporting, all I can do is guess here.But my initial thoughts are that you may have hit the failover threshold.

On the downside, these kits were more expensive than the sum of their parts.This all changed with the release of Windows Server 2008.This threshold is set to prevent the Ping-Pong effect of cluster groups. But in testing/development/non-prod it is pretty common to run into this initially perplexing problem, as you may be trying to consecutively failover.It is worth noting that these parameters are 100% configurable.The first is that all of the hardware must have passed certification tests from Microsoft and be listed for your version of Windows Server on the Windows Server Catalog – this includes any additional cards that you might at to servers, and so on.

The second requirement is that your finished cluster must pass a series of tests that are performed by the cluster validation wizard that is a part of the Failover Cluster Manager (FCM).

I have a database that I'm setting up in a clustered environment. Server A is the server where I setup the database, and Server B is a node in the SQLServer cluster.

If I forcibly turn off Server B everything keeps on working as expected, but if I turn off Server A the instance is not available anymore.

Windows cluster is still alive (I can remote desktop onto the cluster via shared name), but the SQL is not visible, and cluster manager reports the resource as offline.

This kinda defeats the purpose of the cluster and I need to solve it, but it's not really in my area of expertise, and I have no idea where to start. EDIT (Additional info asked in comments): Windows was installed I added clustering feature for DTC and SQL Server.

A mission critical service running on a cluster assumes that the cluster is stable.