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Duration: Design for Assembly and Test is an essential stage in the NPI process.

During this web seminar, the following will be discussed: James Dowding is the Technical Marketing Engineer for the Valor DFM Division of Mentor Graphics.

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Using Valor NPI to perform DFM analysis during the design flow eliminates costly and time consuming problems experienced during PCB assembly and test.

Using DFM rules based on the manufacturer capabilities and process constraints forms part of the Lean NPI process model.

I have always wondered why a criminal gets a lesser charge for attempted murder, attempted rape, or attempted anything.

He gets off easier because he got lucky and wasn’t able to succeed at his plan? He attempted, and would have succeeded, except for circumstances beyond his control.

Again, no responsibility for his decisions – it’s not his fault.

In November, Perea was charged with attempted homicide, when he was accused of shooting into a car with 5 people, wounding one of them.

The program pairs high school juniors with 8th grade students to help "at risk" students maximize their potential.

This program, based on "The Validating Mentor" and "The Validating Mentor Workbook" by Westfield resident Gail Cassidy, is a public/private partnership between The Roselle Public Schools and United Way.

If you are concerned that your teenager, your friend, or someone else may be involved with a gang, take this quick assessment to learn more about the warning signs and help you determine if your child may truly be getting into gang activity…

United Way of Greater Union County's new peer to peer mentoring partnership at Abraham Clark High School in Roselle has been a great success.

These two women could still be alive if he had been in jail from the first attempt. That’s a good message for everyday failures and shortcomings, but not in cases of violent behavior.