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Unfortunately, much of the world is coming down on the side of Palestinian terrorists citing that Israel must stop occupying Palestinian lands.An informed opinion (from whom was the land taken to begin with?The series of 68 give an excellent insight into Jewish history and I am sure that other readers are also inspired to go further.

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He lives near Jerusalem with his wife and five children, where he works as a senior lecturer for Aish Jerusalem.

is "a comprehensive, thoughtful and highly educational survey of Jewish history.” - Sir Martin Gilbert In one volume, Crash Course in Jewish History explores the 4,000 years of Jewish existence while answering the great questions: Why have the Jewish people been so unique, so impactful, yet so hated and so relentlessly persecuted?

Note that we are following the Jewish calendar for these events (and not the Gregorian calendar which is at times 150 years at odds with Jewish computations). Rabbi Ken Spiro, originally from New Rochelle, NY, graduated from Vassar College with a BA in Russian Language and Literature and did graduate studies at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow.

He has rabbinic ordination from Aish Jerusalem and a Masters Degree in History from Vermont College of Norwich University.

Once people learn about the struggle of the Jewish people for their homeland, they must realize that we must step up our efforts to support Israel. YOU HAVE OFFERED ME A WEALTH OF INFORMATION AND RECOGNITION THAT WE WILL ENDURE. NOW I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY THE RESPONSIBILITY THAT I HAVE. Thank you so much for the absolutely superb Jewish History series.

I learned much about our Jewish Heritage and have enjoyed reading each series.It was so well written that I am going to read it and study it more in depth.Again, thank you; and please continue to write more about Jewish History.Easy print PDF version of this timeline 12k PDF courtesy of S.Malka Cohen at J M Publishers We have now reached the conclusion of this series and before we wrap up it is fitting for us to put into perspective the ground that we have covered.i have been jewish since birth and i never hated anyone, christian, moslem, black or white.