Femdom kinky dating agencies What makes a woman intimidating to a man

View the surrounding cards to get more information.

Action: Someone who represents your interests, for example: doctors, financial advisors or book holders.

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Character: Sociable Meaning: Obstacle Personal card.

Relationships: Desire to overcome obstacles to love and to find understanding. As well: Infatuation that prevents you from going ahead.

Don't take the emotional aspect out of consideration.

As well: It is a good time to bring something to an end.

As well: Where the scythe is pointing is the danger.

Look you at the surrounding cards to see which topic is concerned. Relationships: Looking at partnership from a different perspective. Character: Changeable Meaning: Detours Personal card. Action: You will receive a delivery or registered mail. Relationships: Love is growing steadily and still young. If there is a husband and a lover, then this card represents the lover. Relationships: Well developed male characteristics and traits.