White label dating iphone app

Some gyms, buildings and even two weddings have also signed up to use the service.

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For example, it might ask you how you work best — “alone,” or “in a pair,” or “within a small group,” etc.

It’s easy for organizations to get started with Palaround, explains founder Joel Kliksberg.

After setting up an account, they can import their email list and their users then automatically receive an invite link.

“The whole thing takes less than three minutes,” he says.

From it’s ability to handle huge PR spikes, to it’s instant messaging and matching algorithms, it’s perfect for the modern market.

You can find Bristlr on the Web, the Google Play store, and i Tunes.

The app has grown into a fully fledged and feature rich dating service, has won international awards, and is used in hundreds of cities around the world.

Bristlr is a great example of the kind of app powered by M14 Industries.

“We’ve talked to a lot of these events and conference organizers and they tell us that, for some reason, their people aren’t connecting or they’re not connecting efficiently, and that building a community is absolutely critical for them,” he says.

However, building their own enterprise application for this purpose could cost 0,000 to 0,000.

For instance, the YC network will just include the recent YC Fellows and the last three batches. A.-based Palaround has raised a six-figure seed round to get off the ground.