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"He was my truest friend, confidant, and as a father... You were a brilliant light and a true inspiration to myself and to us all." He walked to the coffin and gave it a tender kiss when he finished speaking. A memorial service is to take place at a later date.

well, I don't think a son could ever wish for any better." RJ seemed close to tears as he addressed his late father, saying: "I will never forget the way you smiled with your eyes. "I will love you always and will take comfort that you are always only a song away, as I will surely hear your voice wherever I go. Robin's daughter Melissa was too upset to read her tribute, with her brother Spencer giving it on her behalf. Mr Garratt said of that occasion: "No doubt much will be said and brought to mind.

"I think there are an awful lot of things happening right now that maybe you won't be aware of.

And one is how many people came on such a terrible day. "So many people loved this boy, so many illustrious people are here that loved him. "The three of us have seen a lot of crowds but I've never seen so much love in one crowd as I'm looking at today - for Rob, you know, for the music. "I think it's an experience none of us will forget.

Barry told the congregation of his brother's sense of humour.

He said their favourite television programme was The Goons, and added: "There was no funnier man than Spike Milligan - apart from Robin.

He said he was "someone who constantly looked forward to change and the future who still ate the same thing for breakfast every day".

He added: "The cream always rises to the top, he used to say.

The 62-year-old singer died from kidney failure last month after fighting cancer and pneumonia and suffering from a serious bowel condition. Barry Gibb said: "When you're twins, you're twins all your life. "And now they're together." Gibb's elderly mother, Barbara, left the church just before Barry - the last of the four Gibb brothers - gave his eulogy.

Barry, the sole surviving member of the Bee Gees trio, had a trembling voice as he told the congregation at St Mary's Church in Thame, Oxfordshire: "Life is too short. "We should have had 20 years, 30 years of his magnificent mind and his beautiful heart." Referring to the late Maurice Gibb, he added: "They were both beautiful. He told the congregation: "This is a very strange experience, having already lost two brothers and now Rob.

Dad, I think it's safe to say you achieved that over and over again.

"I will always be humbled by my father's voice and his talent - I think we all will." Robin's young daughter Snow, whose mother is a former housekeeper of his, did not attend the service - but was mentioned by Barry at the end of his eulogy as "little Snow" in a list of close family members.

Barry had written a poem for his brother - which he called Ode To Rob. "So today is tonight and the winter's our summer, and the end of the rainbow is here. Let us celebrate his life, as he would want us to do.