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That was something his parents, who met in a Hollywood acting class in the 1950s, had failed to do.His mother, Peggy, left the business early on to become a June Cleaver–style housewife, raising Cranston and his two siblings in the Los Angeles suburbs.The film is a remake of a French blockbuster that grossed approximately a bajillion euros and left all of France in tears.

It’s just shy of a.m., and Bryan Cranston is telling dirty jokes.“Out of Detroit, the automakers are worried the car sales are down,” he booms from the front seat of the van that rumbles over the Triborough Bridge as it takes him between the sets of two of his many projects.At some point, this will wane, and that’s the way it should be. I want to know .”A waitress comes by with a tray of miniature ice cream cones, and Cranston, who declined dessert, looks up, eyes twinkling. ” he says, wrapping his thumb and forefinger around a tiny cone with glee. As Cranston tells it, this is what later-in-life success is like: the unexpected but delightful ice cream cone at the end of a meal.But for the time that I have it, I’m going to take advantage of it. After all, he achieved his goal, which was to make a living as an actor, a long time ago.He slings his backpack over his shoulder and is on the move, greeting the security guy and everyone else he passes with equal enthusiasm. ” he yelps at a caterer proffering a tray of mini sandwiches. His Emmy collection is so vast it’s practically gaudy.

But today he’s playing the role of producer, which, like his other parts, he has infused with a kind of paternal pride.

“And now I’m “changed television” by, among other things, taking its central character from hero to villain over the course of five seasons.

(As the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, put it, he went “from Mr.

“Wherever my level of celebrity is, it’s great for one main reason: opportunity,” he says over lunch at the hotel.

“I’m very aware that I’ve been given an opportunity to tell stories, and that I have a limited time to do that.

It’s an old comedy bit he used to do back in the early eighties. .” Cranston’s voice goes low and radio-announcer slick.