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Also, he finished jazz dance school/ David Jost was a singer and author of songs of the group of "Bed & Breakfast", consisting of Patrik Nuo and Benjamin Boys.

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Some of her and Hannah's most popular videos are parodies of the film franchises Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games. She and Hannah uploaded a video titled "Lady Gaga - Gagaween by The Hillywood Show" in October of 2011 which was later posted by Gaga herself to her own Twitter, Facebook, and website.It’s mid-spring, and the Wizard World Comic Con at the Las Vegas Convention Center has attracted a bevy of international TV stars and comic book icons.Later in the afternoon, the Hindi sisters will greet more fans and sign autographs for free.But for now, they’re onstage fielding queries—mostly about their “biggest video yet,” which they’ll release in a few weeks.Costumes were purchased from thrift stores and Ebay.

And with the magic of hair and makeup, the sisters played two of parody May 21, one day after the show’s Season 10 finale.(See their /“Let It Go” video as an example.) Their quirky and catchy parody clips (20 in all) have brought the sisters undeniable online fame, but they desire more.For now, the web series is a time-consuming passion project.While the Hindi sisters won’t reveal the costs of production (which was executive produced by Nerdist Industries), Hannah says the budget did require some economizing.Outdoor scenes were shot in Oregon (Las Vegas doesn’t have the forests and historic buildings they needed), but interior sets were constructed and filmed locally.Among the conventioneers are two local celebrities who very well may be anonymous to you.