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The photos around the cake, I have them for every year, every child, every birthday,' explained Kate.

'It's definitely an iconic moment.''This year [was] much like last year,' she continued.

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The two have been living together for eight months. The former IT analyst -- who also waited tables at one point post his TLC days -- DJ'd at the First Annual White Affair at club Building 24 in Wyommissing on Saturday, alongside three other DJs.

Colleen has two teenage children from a previous relationship, and her kids have already met Jon's eight children with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, the source adds. Fittingly, he goes under the moniker "DJ JG." According to an eyewitness, Colleen was present, and the two showed more PDA -- hugging and kissing -- in the DJ booth.

Tune in to ET on Wednesday to see more Jon's life out of the spotlight.

star stepped out Friday with his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, who he actually grew up with in Wyommissing, Pennsylvania.

"So that they would be taken care of, in their house, and things wouldn't change, because I knew I could survive."Ultimately, he says, he would love more than anything to develop stronger relationships with his kids, especially Madelyn and Cara."They're moving into womanhood," he notes. I hope I can talk to them and develop a relationship in the future.

But there's a lot of stuff that has to go on before that."ET has reached out to Kate for comment.

'Obviously the difference is that Collin wasn't there.'Ironically, Kate seems to have forgotten that Collin actually didn't attend the party last year either.

'Collin has special needs,' the TLC star told the magazine.

Jon and Kate's divorce was finalized in December 2009.

The two have eight kids together -- 11-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Alexis and Hannah, as well as 14-year-old twins, Cara and Madelyn.

The former reality star says he actually makes 0 an hour at his new profession, and even more for appearances.