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In 1986, Stéphanie launched a swimwear line Pool Position with Alix de la Comble, whom she had met during her internship at Dior.The fashion show to present the line, held at the Sporting Club in Monaco and attended by Prince Rainier III, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, was a major event covered by the worldwide media."Ouragan" is one of the best-selling singles in France of all time.

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Stéphanie herself refused to speak publicly about her mother's death until 1989, when she gave an interview to the author Jeffrey Robinson, insisting that the story was untrue.

She said, "There was a lot of pressure on me because everyone was saying that I had been driving the car, that it was all my fault, that I'd killed my mother...

It's not easy when you're 17 to live with that." She did not discuss the subject again until a 2002 interview with the French magazine Paris Match in which she repeated her earlier denial, and discussed the trauma of being beside her mother at the time of the accident.

She said, "Not only did I go through the horrible trauma of losing my mother at a very young age, but I was beside her at the moment of the accident.

Nobody can imagine how much I've suffered, and still suffer." She was educated at the Dames de Saint-Maur in Monaco, and then at the Dupanloup in Paris, France. During her school years, she studied classic dance and piano, and also competed in gymnastics and horse riding.

She also attended Camp Oneka, an all-girls summer camp in the Pocono Mountains, where both her sister and mother had attended previously.Continue Reading Miller and Monaco have been dating since at least July 2015, when they were spotted near Malibu, California.In pictures captured by the paparazzi, the couple is seen having intimate moments while swimming in the ocean.In 2001, Stéphanie began a relationship with married elephant trainer Franco Knie and moved, along with her three children, into Knie's circus caravan.However, that relationship came to an end in 2002, and Stéphanie and her family returned to Monaco.Stéphanie was born to Rainier III and Grace Kelly on 1 February 1965 at Prince's Palace in Monaco. Grace died the next day, on September 14, while Stéphanie sustained a hairline fracture of a neck vertebra.