Who is michael vick dating

Vick made his final payment back in November -- and now a judge has officially closed the case, granting Vick's discharge and final decree. This has been the worst PR week in the history of the National Football League.He told me he had a 10-month-old daughter that he didn’t know about, but he knew who it was from, and he knew about the girl, and when he found out he had a child with that girl, he took her in. So when I met him, no, he did not know, as far as I was concerned, this is what he told me.

I went back to his house, we hooked up, and he told me, ‘You know we going to do this forever. So when you’re around somebody through hard times and good times, and when you met them, they were up, and then when you see them go down, I have the kind of heart where I’m not going to leave you just because you fell down.We going to be cool like this.’ And I’m just like, ‘Whatever. So that drew us closer, and that’s when the life thing became more serious.”“I’ll tell you something that the world does not know, and I’ll put it out there.Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Cooper has become public enemy #1 since a video surfaced of him using the N-word at a Kenny Chesney concert.Cooper, who is white, apologized and was fined by the team.In a recent interview with Mara The Hip Hop Socialite of 4UMF, Bella dished on how her relationship with Vick came to be and her encounters with his now-wife, Kijafa (pictured above).“I met Michael in Atlanta, and I didn’t know who he was when I met him. I wasn’t really into sports; I didn’t know anything like that.

I didn’t like celebrities; I don’t like the whole celebrity thing.

I don’t know if he was impressed with the fact that I had no idea who he was and when I found out, I didn’t care, but that night, we kinda hooked up. We’re going to be cool like this forever, blah, blah, blah.

I’m just going to be honest, we straight up hooked up. But then as time progressed, he turned out to be serious about it, and as I got to know him, it got serious for me too.

I started seeing things, and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?

’ And he’s like, ‘Girl, I gotta baby.’ And I already knew he had a son, but he’s like, ‘I gotta baby.’ And I’m just like okay, and he explains the situation. I knew her, we were together.’ He took responsibility from the point she told him he had a daughter.

And I’m like, ‘Oh okay, so you knew her before me.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah’. I don’t know how that came about, why they broke up, why they weren’t together when I met him, but from what I was told, that’s how Kijafa came into play.