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Fed won the Australian Open, Wimbledon and three Masters.

He completed the demanding "Sunshine Double" when he won at Indian Wells and Miami, beating Nadal at both places.

As Simona Halep said of Nadal at the WTA Finals: "I always love the way he's on court.

While their epic struggle has been driven by the contrast in their styles of play, they often seem intertwined -- so much so that they provided the tennis lexicon with a new word, "Fedal." These men are more than rivals.They're collegial champions and friends, ambassadors and advertisements for the game.Federer also outdueled Nadal in two critical finals, the Australian Open and Miami Masters.What's worse for Nadal is that Federer basically crushed him in three of four meetings in 2017. The others, though, were one-way traffic," Paul Annacone, a Tennis Channel commentator who coached Federer through some of his best years, told Impact on the game: Advantage, Federer It may not be performance-based, but an MVP ideally has an influence on how the game evolves as well as how it is played.Bachelot, who served as sports minister between 20, alleged that Nadal faked an injury in 2012, when he missed the final six months of the season due to knee problems, in order to hide a positive drug test.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have created one of the greatest rivalries in sports history.

The over-30 idols staged a joint comeback this year, battling tooth, nail and press clips to sweep all four Grand Slams and end the year atop the ATP rankings (Nadal at No. Theirs was a tennis feel-great story, but it also sent a message.

Andre Agassi, now coaching Novak Djokovic, told ESPN.com: "They are redefining what people are capable of and what career longevity actually means." But the Year of Fedal did leave one intriguing question hanging for fans. " If the ATP had an MVP for 2017, would the honor go to muscular Nadal or meteoric Federer?

Nadal's age (31, compared to Federer's 36) probably had something to do with his heftier workload. That counts for a lot, but one other detail swings the pendulum to Federer's side for good: He made eight finals and won seven.

The sheer volume of matches Nadal contested also had an enormous upside. Nadal won six finals and lost four -- three of them to Federer.

(FILES) (COMBO) This combination of pictures created on April 25, 2016 shows (from L) Spain's Rafael Nadal looking on during a press conference after retiring from a match during the Miami Open in Key Biscayne on March 26, 2016 and France's then Solidarity and Social Cohesion Minister Roselyne Bachelot addressing a press conference in Berlin on February 3, 2011.