Who is nate archibald dating in gossip girl

Get ready ladies, because Chace Crawford is back on the market.

At this point, Crawford is still best known for playing Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl although he did recently guest star on Glee as Dianna Agron's boyfriend.

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TVLINE | What was the significance of Chuck and Blair naming their child Henry?That was what Chuck renamed himself when he was shot.After all, if there was one thing that Nate Archibald had mastered on Gossip Girl it was the fine art of the breakup.He dated and broke up with just about every girl to ever set foot in the Gossip Girl universe, except maybe the mysterious Gossip Girl herself.Did you love Nate’s dreamy eyes and the way his hair draped across his face?

Did you have a thing for Chuck’s bad boy ways and intense stare?Nate Archibald's family was a hot mess, each and every single one of them, but Chace Crawford's family isn't.While he's busy working on himself, now would also be a good time to visit his sister Candice Crawford or just recuperate at home for a little while, if he hasn't already.It was always just a question of were we going to reveal it or not to reveal it.It was unclear if knowing Gossip Girl’s identity was something fans would want.Of course, Crawford is 28 years old, which might be a little too old to be playing petty revenge games on an ex, but I doubt Chuck and Blair ever gave up scheming even after they got married.