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But in the Chargers’ case, the numbers are bad enough to raise eyebrows, even for those who don’t believe in curses and football gods.

Since then, the Chiefs have won eight straight against the Chargers.

The Chiefs started Chase Daniel at quarterback that day because they had clinched a playoff spot and rested several starters.

As a six-time Pro Bowler, he’s certainly deserving of acclaim; without him, the Chargers would’ve lost many more games, by much more than three points.

But when explaining the team’s litany of narrow losses, I find myself wondering: How much responsibility should Rivers bear?

“It’s funny because every team has known their opponents now for months, but when you see them with a date, it changes things for you,” Rivers said on the Chargers website.

“This makes it feel a little more real, and we know we’re getting closer. Like any year, the first thing you look for is who you open with.

Going back to last season, the Chargers have lost four of their last five games by just a field goal or less.

Two weeks ago, in their first game playing as the Los Angeles Chargers, the heartbreak was almost poetic: Deep in the fourth quarter, on “Monday Night Football,” Rivers drove the field in Denver to set up Koo for a winning field goal. But a timeout called before the snap nullified the kick, and on Koo’s next attempt, the Broncos broke through the line. Rivers was not perfect in either of the Chargers’ first two games, but in both of these particular cases, his late-game effort was one of the sole reasons the team found itself in position to win. We’ve just been in a lot of close games.” About that flip side …

And for Rivers, there may still be room to grow in that sense.

Among quarterbacks with starts in 40 games decided by one score or fewer, Rivers boasts the 10th-worst winning percentage in NFL history (.438), according to Football Perspective.

Every year, it seems, they defy regression expectations and further perpetuate their reputation as the NFL’s most cursed franchise, doomed to an eternity of heartbreak by the football gods.