Who is reggie bush currently dating

Lamar and Khloe Kardashian began dating in September of 2009, while Odom was still a member of the Lakers.

Odom was quickly absorbed into the Kardashian universe at the peak of his career.

That being said, many of the players on the list have attempted to blame poor performances on the outside stressors that come with dating a Kardashian/Jenner.While not all of these tales have a happy ending, they offer cautionary examples of what can happen when every moment of one's personal and professional lives are scrutinized by millions of people.To put it differently, if Khloe or Kim had a history of dating accountants, nobody would be concerned about the possibility of the guy messing up a routine audit.It is in much in the same way that we should view these athletes.Reggie Bush publicly announced on Tuesday morning that his girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, is pregnant with their child. It’s an opportunity to bring in new life and raise a child.” Reggie also added that he is hoping it’s a boy otherwise he’s going “straight to the gun shop,” which is of course a joke about having to protect his daughter if it turns out the baby is a girl.

According to TMZ, Bush called the Paul and Young Ron Morning Show in Miami to confirm the rumors and express his excitement. On a more serious note (yes, that’s very sarcastic), Radar is reporting that Kim Kardashian is upset over the news since she always wanted to have children with him.Regardless of who's involved it's a somewhat silly premise.Blaming the Kardashian "Curse" removes all personal responsibility of failure.Below are the players that have been involved with this crop of Internet-favored sisters.Most of us remember this very public saga, that saw Lamar Odom go from Sixth Man of the Year (2011), at the top of his game, to a Tyrone Biggums-esque fiend and NBA burnout.With the fame that followed their hit reality series, the family's fondness for basketball players only grew.