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– She is a big fan of Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Ne-yo, and Whitney Houston. – She has collaborated with American singer & rapper Akon before. – In January of 2017, it was confirmed that Bo A had been dating Korean actor Joo-won since mid-2016.

– Her hobbies include listening to music, watching movies, and karaoke. – She was scouted by SM Entertainment at 11 years old when her brother’s audition failed. – Her family name, Kwon, translates to ‘power and authority’, while her first name, Bo A, translates to ‘precious jewel’. – On February 23, 2017, Mnet confirmed that she would be the MC/Producer Representative for Produce 101 Season 2.

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Decided to watch Time Between Dog and Wolf this week.... But after watching Falling for Innocence i have a change of heart i now fall for this actor JKH..! He made me teary eyed and he made me laugh also in that drama!! jung kyung ho is my favorite korean actor since i watched the drama which called smile you. You have a cool cavalier style about your that draws women in like a magnet and peaks any director and writers interest. His acting attracted me since I saw him in I'm sorry I love you after that I love him in Time Between Dog and Wolf, Princess Ja Myang Go, Smile You, Hearless City and Endless Love. With watching Endless love and seeing how well he plays his character Han Gwang-Cheol which has brought me laughter and tears makes me want to see more of his acting... Then I told myself, let me just try the movie for once, at least to pass time. After watching K Drama Healer, KMHM, HJM, i thought i will not be able to find another one who will match those dramas. I find him cute because he is not the sexy macho typical type but his charisma is overflowing..! Very expressive i can see his sincerity in his role very much in love with his girl Soon Jung in Falling for Innocence. Loved you in Endless love and Cruel city, your talents are diverse and your ability to immerse 100% into character is in a talent ranking for those rare capable actors. Hope to see him choose a good drama in next role soon. He knows what kind of expression to use and when to use them x D I really loveeee your acting and you're so sexy hahahaha best of luck. Great Guy, you showed a all lot of class in your acting. And one day by chance, I met my friend watching a movie, when I heard it was korean film I just took my book out to read. – Her nicknames include: Beat of Angel, Best of All, Kkamshi, and Queen of Korean Pop.– One of her close friends is Crystal Kay, a J-pop idol. – She is the voice dubber of Heather in (Korean version). – She is/or used to be close with DBSK/JYJ Kim Jaejoong. Please choose the right project like cruel city,the character's just make u look more sexy, and I always love ur expression. I hope the writer and producer will make a sequel of Cruel City with the remaining cast especially Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu R.were such a great couple and had believable chemistry.

Fighting★★★★ Jung Kyung Ho was so amazing in Cruel City, I still am not over the ending. He had so much charisma and style that I miss his character "Doctor's Son". I hope it will come to you soon and have a good relationship with Sooyoung forever. and if you were a true fan of sooyoung, i think you'd be happy for their relationship, i mean what is she going to do when she ages, live a lonely life? He did an amazing job in other dramas too but Cruel City is his best i guess... To be candid I hated korea films before, cos I don't understand any of what they are saying. Cruel city & Endless Love..endured so much pain...spending the entire series for the people u care about..selflessness...thing with Princess Ja-Myung.... he specifically chooses projects that have a nice plot and cast, despite it's popularity, so really, popularity doesn't mean a thing. He really brought up his character really well in the drama... And that film was the key to me watching any other korea film!Wish all the luck for ur future I love watching this movie and watch him. i hope he has a outstanding future and makes more movies. i really love you and your acting, like seriously very real acting and brilliant. It was also my ist time watching Jung Kyoung-Ho and i wasn't expecting him to deliver such intensity to the demanding role of this sort of story. Already finished Falling For Innocence just now and im soooo like him in this drama . i love your chemistry between you and kim so yeon!! and tell your dad he should be proud to have a son like you and I can't wait to meet you so unit then stay happy and healthy ok love you. Keep up the good work and hope to see another drama or movie again after Smile, You!!! Well, I jumped over here after watching Gangster High. After watching One More Happy Ending, I am going back his other dramas. I enjoyed his work so far, and so versatile it seems. I hope you can have a hero role in much more higher rating drama. Because of him i watched ''beating again'' and it was a roller coster ride as well. Again about the drama, it is full of mystery and thrill with breathtaking action scenes and lively BGM just like as you are watching a movie. He so cool and cute and so funny to watched him angry version . I think both shin min ah and Jung Kyoung-ho will be great matched . I've been marathoning on romantic comedies for months, so the movie was certainly a shock to my eyes. @zyrianna beating again a.k.a falling for innocence I've become your fan after watching One More Happy Ending. I thought I will be obsessed only to Roger Federer(if you watch tennis).. :) You are truly a genius , your sincerity in acting is shown in every frame of the screen, I wish you take up more wwonderful roles and do more vibrant stuff.