Who is tatiana ali dating

Tatyana Ali glowed in her first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy and engagement earlier this week. even more extravagant and brilliant." Though she is excited about becoming a mom, Ali did not share the baby's gender or due date, politely explaining that she and her fiancé, Dr.Showing off her baby bump in a blue Zac Posen gown, Ali stunned at BET's Black Girls Rock event in Newark, New Jersey on Friday night, where she admitted to ET's Sharon Carpenter that she was feeling "a little overwhelmed" since her baby news went public. "I made that announcement, but I wasn't expecting all of the love that we've received and all of the congratulations," the 37-year-old actress said. Vaughn Rasberry, wish to keep that information to themselves." MORE: From adorable baby faces to hilarious '90s style: The 10 best celebrity #TBT pics We bet it will be quite the affair.

That probably rules out a star-studded blowout for the wedding ceremony. "Well, I haven't sent out my invitations, so I haven't got my RSVPs yet," she laughed. "Watch the video below for more on Ali's "perfect" proposal in Yosemite.

, Tatyana said: "Planning our wedding has been so exciting, but when we found out we were expecting, our perspective shifted completely.

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"That's how people are meeting and talking to each other. "The couple hasn't set a date for their wedding yet, but they are in the planning stages.

Whenever it is, it's unlikely Ali will unleash an inner bridezilla, as she said that won't go very well with pregnancy."Whatever it is, it has to be very calm," she told ET. It's about love and our family and close friends." RELATED: Fashion Flashback: Tatyana Ali But will her co-stars be in attendance?

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And then, of course, met." Tatyana was inundated with congratulatory messages after announcing her good news on Thursday, and took to Twitter to thank fans for their support.