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The emotionally unstable often can’t see there is anything wrong with them, they minimize their actions, or they say you are the problem not them and then they lash out at you. Professional help from someone who is skilled in dealing with individuals that have character flaws.

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So yes, in the beginning it was rough and I've felt so sorry for all my exes and my husband, but because my husband is the most wonderful person in the Universe, we are working it out.I know someone who has lived in an eggshell relationship for years and years. Unfortunately, my mother stayed with him, and they are still together.My suggestion is to read up using Walking on Eggshells or go to a reliable informative site like at so that you can make an informed decision as well as self care (and/or care of the bp) and welcome to the family. As a therapist, I have had many people in relationships with people with BPD describe it as "walking on eggshells" - there is no right answer - you are damned either way.I work to build the client's level of differentiation and to build emotional boundaries so they do not take on responsibility for their partner's high level of reactivity.No one calls them "eggshell relationships," but that is what they turn into.

Relationships where you have to tread lightly—each day you wake up you are figuratively having to walk on eggshells because your partner or someone you know behaves or acts all too frequently with a constellation of traits that are just simply toxic.I have BPD but I have a lot of insight and I recognize my anger right away when it happens.I understand the impact of my words on my husband now and can disassociate while recognize how I truly feel inside despite of my defensive anger.Every little bit of insight on this subject helps people like me.This article was spot-on and so helpful to read and contemplate.Again, they need professional help and that is not your job, nor is it your job to be the human chew-toy or punching bag of an emotionally unstable personality.