Working at an adult chat line

You also need to write a profile – again, the more information the better.

And by information I do mean that of an adult nature.

For this series of blog posts, we are talking about adult chat.

So you could offer Direct Chat for a higher fee to cover the fees that you're charged by Adult Work.Another service that you can offer is Private Galleries – where you upload adult photos and clients pay for 24 hours, 3 days or one week's access to these photos.You are then called by Adult Work and a recorded message is played, asking you to either accept or reject the phone call.You are not told who is ringing, so it could be anyone from the site.The difference between the two is simple: Direct chat – you provide your telephone number to Adult Work, and then you set your availability to “available now”.

A client is then given a UK landline number to ring (that is not your number) and enter your unique pin number.

Adult Work take a fee for connecting the client through to you.

I can't actually tell you what the fee is, because I can't find it listed anywhere on their site.

As a personal preference, I like to save the numbers that book via this method – using their names if I know them, just to give me an edge when they call.

You can set different prices for each of these services.

The site works on a credits system – the clients can buy credits using a variety of methods and top up their account.