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Depending on how serious and invested you are in him and the relationship, that’s something you may be able to help him with.

Yes, Tom Daley is in a relationship with another bloke, confirming what many have long suspected, and confounding many others.

Believe you me, if you call Tom Daley gay on Twitter, you will answer for those words. They find each other, they date each other, they live and they laugh and they love and probably after a year or two they split up. Tom Daley has his boy, Maria Bello has her girl, and Miranda Kerr has her billionaire.

Blogs like @regreceipts and @aphobehallofshame and @justaphobethings​ has quite a lot of posts on these people (and others) saying awful things and being nasty.[edit] Due to the increased harassment, transphobia, and threats, I am now auto-blocking everyone added to this list.

If you do NOT believe any of the above and I’ve made a mistake, you’ll have to find another way besides a message or reply to correct this.[edit] Also, (many) people on here aren’t irredeemable, there have been cases of people changing and being removed from here.

Daley had been previously linked to a few women (including U. diver Kassidy Cook), but had for the most part refrained from speaking out about his romantic life.

Then in September the ran a story quoting Daley denying that he was gay: “I think it’s funny when people say I’m gay .

(If we’re going just by my group of friends, that’s certainly true.) And no matter how empathetic you are to the problem, how patient, or non shame-y and blame-y, it’s still just that: A problem.

You know it and he knows it, but the question of how to it remains.

There’s also the case of when someone else (often unrelated) takes over the URL and gets removed from here.

Since achieving worldwide fame in his Bronze-medal winning turn at the 2012 Summer Olympics and becoming a one-man vertical on Buzzfeed ovenight, there have been abundant rumors about 19-year-old British diver Tom Daley’s sexuality.

For instance, is he regularly drinking before you have sex? “Tell him—nicely—that if he backs off or takes a break, it could help your sex life.” Also, if you’re fighting in other areas of life, it could be spilling over into bed, says Watson.