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My first post-divorce boyfriend in 2004 was 11 years my junior.

He did, however, have two children and was also divorced. Just because someone has the same life experiences as you, it doesn't mean he/she has the maturity that typically comes from having those experiences -- and that can apply to how he treats sex and intimacy matters too.

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The note of panic in his voice made it sound like he was in a hostage situation, trying to reason with his kidnappers."Fine," I answered.I knew he was telling the truth—one time I called him on his cell at 8 P. on a Monday and heard obvious office noises in the background—but I couldn't resist testing him. phone call from his boss, followed by him frantically running to his computer and tripping over my bag in the process.Some were still recovering from loss, others were enjoying their freedom, and others just "weren't a match." And when you're not on the same page, entering an intimate relationship in the post-divorce stage can complicate things even more.Dating is a skill to be practiced because it enables you to discern your non-negotiables, likes and dislikes.Opening up your schedule a little—asking him to hang out on Wednesday, inviting him as a plus-one to a networking happy hour you're attending for work—is the first step in showing him that you want him integrated into your life.

In my own experience, pushing my former fling to have that weeknight did help me discover who this person was and how we could fit into each other's lives.Mistakenly, I assumed that because he had children and had been through the process of marriage and divorce, he had the emotional maturity required to be in a functional relationship. After I dated Junior, I tested the waters by dating a few men closer to my age.I met a variety of men who belonged to different imal species (including a few of the Quality Casual types, Mr.Here's my point: Age doesn't matter, unless it does.I spent most of my five years as a divorcee dating younger men.We prepared the full report and history for across the most popular social networks.