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The other day she told me, 'Mommy, the baby needs something.A brief satire of the couple's story: A presumptuous and banal quote that people inexpressively state all the time is, "some things happen for a reason." Such a comatose blanket statement and quite the cop out for those that are uncomfortable in consoling one, or awkward in the times of love, humor, explaining the supernatural, or simply wanting to be done with a conversation. People die, jobs are lost, injuries occur, families have issues, teams lose, life happens and it isn't perfect.Her sister, Adrienne with her husband Jeremy and their three children.

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When it comes to weddings, and having the utmost certainty, we can certainly say that our wedding (this thing) is happening for a dead-gum good reason (love)!

It's not a romanticized elaborate fairy tale adventure. To tell the truth, Danielle never even had Blake on the radar, and once she finally did, all she did was consider him an inbound object that was to be misdirected.

Luckily for him, it was a creepy dark street on the side of the restaurant…not because Danielle had always threatened his life if he proposed in front of people, but because her response was, "what are you doing? " Fun Fact: Danielle's engagement ring and wedding band have been in her family for more than 60 years.

They were her Grandmother's (Siti) and they are very special to us.

Blake's wedding band is his father's original wedding band, and he is honored to wear it because he has always looked up to his dad as a role model and mentor.

As the day of Danielle and Blake's nuptials grows closer, the excitement cultivates an energy that is soon to become esoteric to all of you that will share the day with us.

It was quite the line at the messages summation, "if it's weird this never happened, if it's not weird, then we should get drinks soon." Talk about Rico-Frickin'-Suave.

Needless to say, she apprehensively agreed to meet up with him.

It is one of the first restaurants where they went on an early date in the relationship.

After dinner and some ice cream from a dessert shop down the street, Blake knelt down and asked Danielle to be his wife.

Danielle's immediate family includes her wonderful mother, Mary Ann.