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If you aren't registered, register one and setup (add) your dynamic domain name first.Once you have the information, you should be able to set it up using DD-WRT.

zoneedit not updating-64[IP] Substitute your account setting for those in CAPS Patch should be in code eventually, but for now it can also be found here and in the latest source code: See: to's configuration, you can set up your Dynamic DNS setup thusly:[IP] Substitute your account setting for those in CAPS At the time of writing this (7-Oct-2010) the inadyn client fails to update host names on Using the example above, the Additional DDNS Options should be: " --dyndns_server_name --dyndns_server_url /dyndns/update" If this isn't working, try pinging checkip.You may have to use the "ip_server_name" option if you are unable to recieve a The URL listed below did not work for me, followed the developers information at dnspark and the proper URL seems to be: All else below seems correct. DDNS Service: Custom DYNDNS Server: your ddns' username Password: your ddns' password Host Name: your fqdn ex: /visitors/update.html?

mx=ON&mxpri=5&hostname= Additional DDNS Options: --verbose 5 I used the "Additional Option" to verify that it is working, It gives a result of "OK" if it works.

The IP address option is used to specify an alternate source to get your IP.

Many websites have options to view your IP Address.

DDNS Service: Custom DYNDNS Server: updates.User Name: your dns-o-matic username Password: your dns-o-matic password Host Name: all.URL: /nic/update?

Additional info can be found in the Open DNS article. The below is my setting for dynamic DDNS using If static DNS is used, use [email protected] of [email protected]

The server then asks for the username and password. Many times, as in the above example is it specified in the "name=value" form.